I'm Back!

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Hello out there! Guess what? I'm back. Yep, that's right Dr GPW is back and the doctor blog is back. Like everyone else, I took a bit of a hiatus during the pandemic. It was a tough three years for sure. I know there are many who are still struggling out there, and I want to help. 

Over the next few weeks, I'll be re-establishing a presence on social media and here on my website to help as many people as I can. Mental health is quickly becoming a buzz phrase and my concern is that it will lose some of it's power and meaning. Staying healthy no matter what part of you is hurting, body, mind or soul is important, and it's part of my personal mission to make sure the idea of mental health and all that implies stays strong and vibrant. 

What you'll find in my posts will be a sort of new kind of advice column. I'll be taking questions from all my comment boards and answering either from my expertise or from someone else's expertise. You'll here me tell stories and share tools or techniques that have helped me and my clients over the years not only find peace, but find new ways to reconnect with their personal power, change or enhance their perspectives, and tap into their potential. It's the 3Ps baby--Perspective, Power, Potential! 

So...let me here from you!